Beijing Tourism Industry Suffers Deficit

Statistics released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics shows that in the first two months of this year, the three major sectors of Beijing's tourism industry suffered a general loss despite the city receiving thousands of visitors every day.

The three main sectors that the Bureau checked are hotel revenue, travel agency funds and scenic spots ticket sales.

The data shows the hotel sector even suffered as much as RMB180 million in losses. During that period, the hotel sector in the city only achieved RMB2.66 billion revenue, and only some five-star hotels made considerable profit during the period.

Travel agencies in Beijing also suffered a deficit of RMB30 million, which is said to be caused by poor management.

The most surprising part is that scenic spots received 30% more visitors this year compared with the same period last year, but they lost nearly RMB60 million.

Experts quoted in local media say that the increase of free ticket visitors and annual tickets issued to the scenic spots is the main reason for the loss at the scenic spots.