China Will Become Largest Travel Partner For Western Australia

Western Australia, which accounts for more than half of Australian exports to China, says it will strengthen its plans to attract more Chinese tourists to visit the region.

Sheila M McHale, Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Tourism, Culture and the Arts of Western Australia Government, has told Chinese media that thanks to the increasing trade communication between China and Western Australia, China will become the largest trading partner of Western Australia in the next 5-10 years.

During that period, Western Australia will list Chinese tourists as one of their main imports into the region.

McHale says that Western Australia Government is working on launching a direct flight between China and the state to offer more convenience for Chinese tourists. At present, Chinese tourists go to Western Australia by transferring flights in Hong Kong and Singapore.

According to McHale, Western Australia received more than 11,000 Chinese tourists last year, which doubled that of the year before, and the figure is expected to go up this year.

Western Australia has cooperated with, one of the biggest online travel booking companies in China, to promote their new travel products.