CITS Creates Tour Group Standard For Hainan Trips

The Head Office of China International Travel Service (CITS) has released a tour group standard and is requiring each of its 16 branches across China to follow each of the standard's clauses when organizing a travel group to Hainan.

CITS's Hainan trip reception standard consists of 33 clauses that detail the dining and sightseeing done during a trip. The rules state that a dessert must be provided to tourists after dinner, four famous Hainan dishes must be arranged for the diners during meals, and sightseeing time must not be shortened.

Zhang Lingjie, deputy general manager of the domestic travel department of CITS, says that CITS will compensate tourists once any of its branches fail to meet the criteria listed in the clauses and the concerned tour guides will be punished if they do not abide by this new standard.

CITS has made this standard in response to the frequent complaints from Hainan-bound tourists about shopping and dining services they received on the island.