20th International Travel Expo Hosts Tourist Guide Competition

The Best Tourist Guide Competition this year will be held from May 23 to June 16 in Hong Kong.

The Competition is being jointly organized by the Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organizers Ltd. (HACTO), Hong Kong Tourism Industry Employees General Union, Hong Kong Tourist Guides Association, and the Hong Kong Inbound Tour Operators Association Ltd.

The Competition will select 10 winners for the five types of awards, including the Champion, the Runner Up, the Second Runner Up, four Merits and three for Best Potentials. Winners will receive cash prize and/or merit certificate. Those travel agents that nominated the winners will also be presented with a certificate.

Participants shall make two presentations, the first on one of Hong Kong's top ten tourist spots, and the other on any of the following topics of Shopping Fun, Wine & Dine, Local Cultures, and Festival Highlights.

The Competition is to further enhance the professionalism and the image of Hong Kong's tourism industry in general and that of tourist guides in particular.

"We hold our Final and Prize Presentation in a leading international travel exhibition in Asia to better inform our overseas counterparts and travelers about Hong Kong's commitment to quality in travel services", said Simon Hau, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.