Xiamen Still Needs 16,000 More Hotel Rooms

According to the Xiamen municipal government's recent report "Development Layout of Xiamen Travel Industry During the Eleventh 5-year Period", Xiamen will receive 31 million tourists by 2010, at an annual increase of 13%.

By the end of 2006, Xiamen had 16,715 rooms. But planning for future tourism increases, Xiamen must add 10,583 rooms for travel groups in the next four years. Following the development of the MICE industry, which is increasing at 15% per year, another 5607 rooms for business groups and conventions are also needed.

According to above two figures, the report says Xiamen needs to add 16145 rooms by 2010.

Because high-end hotels currently occupy 45% of the market, it is estimated that the city will have 7265 rooms for high-end hotels by 2010, which equals about 18-20 hotels.