Hebei Signs Olympic Travel Deal With Beijing

Hebei Provincial Tourism Administration has signed an agreement with Beijing Municipal Tourism Administration to strengthen regional travel cooperation.

According to their agreement, the parties will try to extend the Olympic travel routes in Beijing to Hebei Province, and list those travel routes in Hebei on Beijing's travel promotion handbook. They will also promote their products together, and allow business travelers and journalists who visit Beijing also to go to Hebei for visits. For transportation, they will schedule buses to main scenic spots in Hebei from the major tourist gathering centers in Beijing.

Cities in Hebei Province are already contacting Beijing to prepare their individual Olympic travel plans. For example, Baoding has made a travel theme of "Welcome Olympic Games and Tour Baoding"; Qinhuangdao has initiated a survey for Olympic travel; and Chengde has signed a "Beijing – Chengde Olympic Travel Cooperation Agreement" with the Beijing Municipal Tourism Administration.