Hotels Invited To Public Bidding In Beijing

The China Tourism & Hotel Association has helped issue an invitation for public bidding on new lodging locations around Beijing.

The bidding is handled by the Procurement Center of the Central People's Government, and involves 344 hotels and an expected total of RMB100 million investment.

According to PCCG, this invitation is open to hostels and budget hotels from 18 districts and counties in Beijing, and they plan to have 82 hotels whose standard room rate stays at RMB200 per room per night; 600 hotels whose standard room rate stays around RMB200-300 per room per night; and 262 hotels whose standard room rate stays at RMB600 per room per night.

Many luxury hotels in Beijing don't care about this program, but economy hotels, small inns, rest houses and low-star grade hotels are seeking this big cake in the hope of expanding their reach. PCCG had already received more than 1000 hotel bids by March 6 and the bidding will end by the end of the month.