CAAC To Solve Air Traffic Problems In Pearl River Delta

Li Jian, deputy director of China Aviation Administration of China, has told local media that CAAC will soon implement a vertical interval shortening policy and other new measures to ease the air traffic in the Pearl River Delta Region.

However, Li has denied that the four main airline companies will be restructured to solve this problem.

The air traffic jam in the Pearl River Delta Region has been a great concern of the industry and the government for a long time. Li says that CAAC is studying reforms for the opening of the air space, but it still needs to consult with the concerned units, particularly the military and the local government. According to Li, the vertical interval shortening policy, which is to be implemented soon, will double the flying space.

Li Zuze, Yuguo Chun, Huang Guanghan, Huang Jingqiang and Luo Xiangguo, CPPCC deputies from the Hong Kong SAR, have also submitted three proposals including removing the 5000 meter "air wall" between Hong Kong and mainland China, optimizing air space utilization and reforming air space management.

There are five civil airports in the Pearl River Delta Region, each of which crosses with one another and therefore forms one of the most complicated air spaces in the world.