Tibet Will Receive More Than 3 Million Tourists This Year

Jin Shixun, director of the Tibetan Autonomous Region's Reform and Development Commission, says that with the launch of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Linzhi Airport and the border trading channel between China and India, Tibet will receive more than 3 million tourists this year and earn a total of RMB3.4 billion from the tourism sector.

Tibet's 2006 economy and social development report shows that the region received 2.121 million tourists last year, an increase of 39.5% over that of the previous year, of which 2.573 million were domestic travelers and 154,800 were overseas tourists.

Currently, tourism has become a new growth point for the Tibetan farmers and herdsmen. Jin says that the local government will take various measures to encourage them to take opportunities to actively promote the tourism industry.

In addition, highland barley, yak, goat, sheep and other local herbal medicines as well as the handicraft industry in the region will also bring new impetus for the local economic development. Those sectors will see renewed support from local governments to help stimulate tourist interest.