Zhuhai Border Crossing Relaxes Policies Towards Hong Kong And Macao Residents

The Zhuhai General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection has further eased the policies for border pass residents from Hong Kong and Macao who are independently traveling.

Under the new conditions, all those who are at least ten years old and 1.4 meters high can apply for passing the border with their own signature. Those who are less than ten years old and who are taller than 1.4 meters can pass the border with the signature of their legal guardian. Interestingly, the policy says that those who are under 1.4 meters, no matter how old they are, can not pass the border with only a signature and must adhere to stricter guidelines.

In the past, the Zhuhai General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection required that Hong Kong or Macao residents who wanted to pass the border must be over 16 years and 1.4 meters tall, so this new rule provides much convenience for travelers, especially those who take children with them.

The original checking system was launched in March 2005 and there are currently 50 checking lanes which process about 100,000 Hong Kong and Macao residents each day.