Chinese Air Passengers Face Limit Bringing Liquids From May 1

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has just issued a new measure, which says that passengers will face some limitations for bringing liquids on planes starting May 1, 2007.

According to CAAC's new measure, each passenger who takes a Chinese domestic flight can take no more than one liter of liquid on board the plane and extra containers must be stowed underneath the plane as luggage. In addition, passengers must have the bottle checked before they can bring it on board.

Passengers who take international flights departing from China shall take no more than 100 milliliters of liquid for each container and the container in which the liquid is kept shall be put into a transparent plastic bag whose cubage is less than 1 liter and that can be re-sealed. Any extra liquids must be delivered as luggage in a transparent plastic bag. International passengers who need to transfer flights in China also need to abide by these rules.

CAAC's new rule also says that duty-free liquids must be put in an intact and transparent plastic bag. CAAC reminds passengers to pay attention to the new rules and prepare their luggage accordingly so that their trips will not be delayed. CAAC has also required each airline company to provide water for the passengers in both the terminal building and the plane.

This new rule will replace that CAAC's old liquid delivery rule issued in February 2003.