Guangxi Will Incentivize Inbound Travel Service Providers

In order to promote local economic development, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau has announced plans to reward travel agencies who have made great contribution to the local economy by organizing inbound tour groups.

The bureau has made an inbound travel incentive measure and orginally enacted it on January 1, but it is now picking up steam in promoting the cash incentive. The awards they offer include a liaison award, temporary charter flight/train/boat award, MICE award and new route development award.

The liaison award is given to travel agencies who arrange for overseas tourists to vist Guangxi. Travel agencies will be awarded with up to RMB6 for bringing inbound tourists, based on the figure of the previous year. The temporary charter flight/train/boat award is given to travel agencies who bring overseas tourists through charter flight/train/boat. The standard is RMB2000 for each regular flight/train/boat of more than 100 tourists; RMB2000 for each temporary flight/train/boat of 200-300 tourists; RMB3000 for each flight/train/boat of 301-400 tourists; and RMB4000 for each flight/train/boat of over 401 tourists. In addition, the government will offer RMB30 per person to travel agencies who introduce an overseas meeting group of more than 300 persons and a maximum of RMB50000 to travel agencies whose new travel route attracts more than 5000 overseas tourists within one year.

Apart from encouraging the local travel agencies to attract more tourists, Guangxi will focus on developing the Russian market this year while it will also improve the Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN countries and the European markets. The region aims at receiving 1.9 million overseas visitors and earn US$460 million in foreign exchange from international travel this year.