Henan Province Revises Travel Rules

Deputies of the 10th NPC Standing Committee Meeting of Henan Province have reviewed and revised Henan Provincial Plant Protection Rule and Henan Provincial Travel Rule at the committee's 30th session.

The revised Henan Provincial Plant Protection Rule states that foreigners must not pick or buy certain wildlife plants in the province and they must get approval from the concerned government department and submit detailed information before they can go to inspect any key wildlife plants in the province. The rule also says that those who illegally occupy the land where the wildlife plant grows shall be fined with a total sum of money ranging from RMB30000 to RMB100,000.

The revised travel rule of Henan province states that travel service operators must open their service items and prices to the public and professionals must be provided to offer tourists necessary assistance for such dangerous travel programs as rafting, bungee jumping and rock climbing. The rule also asks travel agencies to sign written contracts with the tourists and mark the shopping venues, shopping times and shopping routes clearly in the contract if they arrange any shopping items on the trip.

The revised travel rule further says that travel service providers shall be fined three times to five times of their illegal income when they are found cheating tourists, and the provincial tourism bureau will work to strengthen the lodging, food and traffic problems around scenic spots.