Sichuan Implements Travel Agency Ranking

In order to promote travel agencies' management and service levels, Sichuan has implemented travel agency ranking and assessment measures around the province in January 2008.

According to their basic conditions, operational performance, business management and credit standing, travel agencies in Sichuan will be classified into three grades. The new measure indicates that only those of independent legal status have the qualifications to apply. The assessment committee will issue corresponding certificates and plaques to those travel agencies which meet the assessment standards and have all of facilities and services complying with current laws and administrative regulations.

Besides those factors, the measure also has 23 detailed regulations for travel agency ranking, such as duration of operation, acreage of business sites, number of tourists served, service scope, quality of managing personnel and handling of complaints. The travel agencies will be given corresponding scores on the basis of those aspects.

In addition, the travel agency can only keep their titles valid for five years. And the assessment committee can choose to review some travel agencies annually.