CNTA Unveils National Tourism Industry's Development Goals

At the 2008 national tourism working meeting, Shao Qiwei, director of the China National Tourism Administration, unveiled the development goals of the national tourism industry.

Shao said that with the implementation of new holiday systems and sustainable growing of national economy, a huge tourism market is emerging in China. The proposed goals of the national tourism industry for 2008 are to reach 59 million tourists who stay in the country at least one night, with a growth rate of 8%; to achieve tourist foreign exchange income of US$46 billion with a growth rate of 10%; to welcome 1.77 billion domestic tourists with a growth rate of 10%; and to achieve a total tourism revenue of RMB1.2 trillion with a growth rate of 10%. In addition the number of Chinese outbound tourists is expected to increase by 10% to 45 million.

Shao added that, according to the world tourism organization's forecast, by 2015 China will be the largest tourism hospitality country, the fourth largest tourist source market, and the country with the largest domestic tourist market in the world. By that time, the number of international arrivals who stay in China at least one night will be 100 million, and domestic tourists will number 2.8 billion. The number of Chinese outbound tourists will reach 100 million. Over this period, both people's requirements for leisure and vacation and the tourism industry's need for infrastructure will increase greatly.