Home Inns Plans Overseas Hotel Expansion

News from the annual meeting of Home Inns is that the company has made some adjustments in its management structure and has established a development goal of opening 160-180 new hotels within this year as well as looking for opportunities to develop in overseas markets.

Sun Jian, CEO of Home Inns, said that the company also plans to integrate and adjust the hotel service routines and company framework of the original Top Star hotel chains which Home Inns has acquired over the next two or three months. At present, Home Inns will not change the hardware facilities and service concepts of these Top Star hotel properties but will give them a probationary period varying from six to nine months depending on their operational status. If these hotels can not achieve ideal market positioning then Home Inns will consider re-positioning them.

This year, Home Inns plans to add 160-180 new outlets under the model of direct-run, franchising, and acquisition, and the company is expected to reach total of more than 450 hotels. Meanwhile, they intend to look for opportunities to open outlets in overseas markets.

As at November 30, 2007, Home Inns had about 340 hotels in over 80 domestic cities, most of which are direct-run outlets.