Shanghai Jiading Plans More High-end Hotels

The Jiading District of Shanghai has announced its overall plan for tourism development during the period from 2008 to 2020. The plan includes the construction of six or seven high-end hotels in the district within three years.

The number of tourists arriving in Jiading is expected to reach 3,740,000 in 2010 when Shanghai hosts the 2010 World Expo. The district needs to provide an additional 2,500 beds to meet the forecast demand. Jiading plans to build several high-end hotels in Jiading New City, in the International Car City, by the main terminus stations of Shanghai Urban Rail Transit Line 11, in the Caoan Business and Trade Area, and at some resorts and hotels with special features in Liudao and Malu, plus some countryside inns in Maoqiao Village.

According to local media, two or three international hotel brands and three or four budget hotel chains will be set-up in Jiading soon.

In addition, Jiading will found a comprehensive tourism investment and development enterprise, and develop three to five national scenery spots, as well as bringing-in one or two international travel agencies to build an integrated tourism industry system.