Budget Hotel Chains Accelerate Development In Dongguan

Home Inns recently opened a new outlet in Guantai Road, Dongguan and has a plan for six more outlets which are scheduled to open in the city after the Spring Festival. These new hotels will be located on Guancheng, Changan, Humen and Changping.

According to local media, Home Inns also set up a branch company in Dongguan, which is responsible for selecting the location, franchising and managing outlets around the Dongguan area.

Before Home Inns settled in Dongguan, this city had some budget hotel chain brands including Jinjiang Inn, GreenTree Inn, 7 Days Inn, Motel 168, and City Inn. Of these, 7 Days Inn owned three outlets, and GreenTree Inn, Motel 168, and City Inn are expected to have more than two outlets each in the city. Meanwhile, CYTS Shanshui Hotels has reportedly selected Dongguan as their development location.

In addition, Dongguan's local budget hotel brand 8inns has opened more than nine outlets with a total of about 1,000 guestrooms in the towns surrounding Dongguan city. The company said that they will add six new outlets by next year and gradually develop in the urban area of Dongguan.