Yunnan's Tourism Enterprises To Cooperate With India

At the promotion meeting for China and India held in Kunming, Yunnan's tourism enterprises and their Indian counterparts discussed their future cooperation.

At the meeting, airlines, travel agencies and tourism departments from different parts of Yunnan introduced the area's rich tourism resources to the Indian delegations who also showed their strong interest in Yunnan's tour features. The two parties discussed how to exploit new tour itineraries and how to forge closer ties.

In recent years, Yunnan has developed a close cooperation with India in many fields such as mining, metallurgy, mechanism, electric power, aviation, and education.

Gu Chaoxi, vice provincial governor of Yunnan, said that they will grasp good opportunities and build frequent and professional communication channels and strategic cooperation systems, and they wish to see more and more Indian tourists visiting to Yunnan for sightseeing and to experience the magic of Yunnan's natural scenery so contributing to the friendship between people from the two countries.