Booking The Perfect Business Itinerary In China

Yi LiuYi Liu is the business travel manager of the International Exchange Center at China Peace International Travel Company. She is responsible for arranging both inbound and outbound travel, especially for business trips and MICE. Arrangements made by her include itinerary design, hotel and MICE venues, and ticket services.

What is special about business travelers? And what are their major concerns?
Location, business facilities, and service are important. Business travelers want to be able to reach their clients easily, have convenient transportation, and nearby food and beverage facilities of a good standard. To meet their special requirements, we pay more attention to hotel facilities, surroundings, and to making perfect travel schedules with regard to location, time, and F&B venues as well as atmosphere.

On MICE, is image building required by your clients? What do you do to meet their needs?
Image building is one topic for MICE activity. We spend time on suitable venue design and proper processes to reflect their corporate image. Also some games are necessary to build teamwork and ease tension.

With the coming Olympic Games, every hotel is working on improving facilities, both the hardware and the service orientation of their staff. What is your opinion of the current situation in Beijing hotels and their service levels? Are there any problems?
Everything they do to welcome the Olympic Games will bring better facilities and service levels to the whole hotel industry in Beijing. However, many hotels are weak at dealing with emergencies.

Do you have any suggestions to improve business travel standards?
Close cooperate between a hotel’s sales team and other departments is important. Clients’ requirements can be met better immediately.

What are your favorite domestic hotels?
Sheraton Sanya Resort, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Hilton Beijing hotel, Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel

What do you think about our bilingual products which aim at providing reports involving all aspects of the Chinese tourism markets?
When I first time to read it I felt that it covers all aspects of the domestic travel and hospitality industry. It provides us professional buyers plenty of useful information. It is a great platform for the travel and hospitality industry.

Could you recommend several inbound business travel destinations?
The timing and purpose of a MICE event help select the destination. In springtime Kunming is a versatile place to hold meetings, even though it is short of hotel resources. A mild climate and beautiful scenery is attractive. Sanya, Xiamen and Zhuhai rank as traditional MICE venues as they are port cities with beautiful coastlines. Xi’an and Chengdu are often the best choices for their long history and culture.