Days Inn Sees More China Hotel Growth This Year

Days Inn China says that after signing 48 hotels over the last four years in the Middle Kingdom, the company is now undertaking aggressive plans to double its growth rate in 2008.

Harry Tan, CEO of Days Inn China, says in a prepared statement, "People tend to believe that luxury hotels and budget hotels enjoy a better positioning than mid-range hotels. We, however, have a different viewpoint. The pricing of high-end hotels is getting increasingly prohibitive, which as a result makes some guests turn to more affordable alternatives."

Days Inn China says its rapid expansion and market coverage are largely due to the company's multinational team of industry professionals, who have decades of experience in hotel management in China. To achieve this goal of doubling growth, Days Inn China is adding a new leasing business to its existing management and franchise model, where leasing and converting existing properties will become a significant part of its growth strategy to focus on growing the Days Hotel, Days Inn and Days Inn Business Place brands.

Days Inn China says it is is now aggressively exploring partnership opportunities with real estate owners nationwide. In the near future, Days Inn China's leasing business will undoubtedly parallel the growth seen with its existing franchise and management divisions.