Seven Hotels In Chongqing To Lose Stars

Chongqing Tourism Bureau has officially unveiled the renewal results for star-grade hotels in the city for 2007. Of these seven hotels have lost their qualifications, and ten had their renewal deferred.

According to local media, 160 hotels passed the renewal review. Seven hotels including six at the two-star level and one at the one-star level have had their qualifications revoked. The two-star hotels include the Xiaodongtian Hotel, the Nongken Hotel, the Jindu Hotel, the Liangshan Hotel, the Wulong Haoyi Hotel, and the Pengshui Hotel. The one-star hotel is Chengjiao Hotel in Dongnan county.

Chongqing Tourism Bureau said that there are various reasons for these hotels having their renewal revoked, such as some have changed use, some have become budget hotels and some have failed to meet the star-grade standard.