Plan For Deluxe Hotel Project In Hangzhou

Qianjiang New City Construction Management Committee and GTLandmark Group have signed a cooperation agreement for a deluxe hotel project in Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou.

Wang Guoping, standing committee member of The CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of The CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Shen Jian, vice mayor of Hangzhou, and Su Meng, chairman and president of GTLandmark Group attended the signing ceremony.

It is planned that this project will be built into an urban complex combining high-end business facilities, a deluxe hotel, and an office building, at a total investment of US$600 million. The business hotel covers about 150,000 square meters and will be managed and operated in cooperation with the well-known international hotel management group Jumeirah.

After approximately six years of development and construction Qianjiang New City is becoming a new city center in Hangzhou and is attracting more and more high-end properties to come to this area.