Traveler Relief System Set Up In Inner Mongolia

A trans-national emergency relief mechanism has been set up in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, to meet the needs of both the inbound and outbound tourists.

Statistics show that in the second half of last year, Manzhouli port received more than 160 telephone calls for help and saved about 83 injured or ill tourists.

The staff at the Manzhouli Border Checking Port will give each tourist a card printed with helpful telephone numbers, service commitments and other thoughtful words in Chinese and Russian when they pass the border so that they can ask for help when they encounter any difficulties. In addition, they also print the telephone numbers on international buses and trains passing the border so the tourists can dial the number when they need help.

Manzhouli Port has strengthened their cooperation and exchanges with the border checking department in Russia. With their joint efforts, the time that tourists need to pass the border has been reduced to less than five minutes.