Twenty-two Travel Agencies In Dalian To Have Business Licenses Revoked

The Dalian Tourism Bureau has unveiled the renewal results for travel agencies around the city for 2007.

Of these, 55 travel agencies have had their business licenses revoked or had the license renewal deferred. This accounts for 14.6% of all the travel agencies in Dalian.

The number of travel agencies that are being punished is higher than ever before. Of the 55 travel agencies, 19 domestic travel agencies have had business licenses revoked, and three international ones have had their superior tourism related administrative management departments suggest that their business licenses be revoked. The major reasons given include: absence from the annual renewal review of travel agency business, failure to meet the service quality standard for three consecutive years, and severely exceeding their operational scope. The remaining 33 travel agencies had their license renewal deferred because they failed to meet the service quality standard, and they were asked to rectify this within a specified time limit.

According to local media, 323 travel agencies in Dalian passed the renewal including 20 international travel agencies operating outbound and inbound tours as well as domestic tour business, seven international travel agencies operating inbound and domestic tour business, and 296 operating domestic tour business.