Sanya Plans To Build Nine Themed Hotels

According to the Planning and Construction Bureau of Sanya, the plan for the Kanyang Bay area has been unveiled.

The planned area covers 10.33 square kilometers with Baishiling on its north, Kanyang Bay on its south, Liudao Fishing Port on its west, and Yalong Bay on its east. There will be two tourists service centers, a yacht dock area, nine hotels and independent residence areas. The nine hotels cover 97,600 square meters with a total of 651 rooms. These will be designed with different features such as themes of beach and yacht. In addition, the planned area also will have three business leisure chambers and two business service centers.

According to local media, Sanya Kanyang Bay area is taken as an extension and supplement to the Sanya Yalong Bay resort area's service function and is expected to have a positive effect on enriching the tourism and resort products of Sanya.