Jilin To Build Four Large Tourism Brands

According to the Jilin Tourism Bureau, Jilin City will integrate its tourism resources to build four large tourism brands to strengthen the brand image of its tourism industry.

Jilin City will integrate several national 4A level scenic areas including Lake Songhua and Beidahu Skiing Ground as well as some famous tourism resources like Wusong to build four large tourism brands.

The four large brands include one with the theme of Lake Songhua which is well known around China as a summer resort; one with the theme of skiing resorts combining Beidahu Skiing Ground and Wusong to build a winter tourism brand; one with theme of forest oxygen-bar combining the historic and cultural resources of Guanma Cave and surrounding areas; and one with the theme of Lafa Mountain combining Hongye Valley, Laoye Mountain, and Chashu Mountain scenic areas together with local folk culture.