Guangxi Signs Tourism Cooperation Memo With Vietnam

The Guangxi Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau has signed a tourism management cooperation memo about the Sino-Vietnam Border with the tourism departments of Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, and Cao Bang of Vietnam.

Both parties agreed to further strengthen Sino-Vietnam border tourism management and cooperation and to expedite the construction and development of "Two Corridors and One Ring" between China and Vietnam. They will agree on principles of mutual advantage and cooperation in advertising promotion to jointly explore markets and launch boutique itineraries, ensuring the sustainable, healthy and fast development of Sino-Vietnam border tourism.

Meanwhile, the two parties plan to set up joint multimodal transport organs and hot lines to support the tourism security management and improve the service level of tourism staff. Once a sudden incident or security event which imperils tourists' legal rights and interest occurs, with exception of force majeure, the departments of two countries promise to handle corresponding problems efficiently, in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with international practice and to communicate with each other regularly.