Chongqing To Build 30 Deluxe Hotels Within 3 Years

At a meeting of the standing committee of Chongqing Municipal Government, a large project plan consisting of 20 deluxe yachts, 30 five-star standard hotels, and 40 boutique tourism spots has been approved.

This project with a total investment of RMB106.7 billion is expected to complete by 2012. At present, there are 11 five-star hotels in Chongqing, and another eight will be completed by the end of this year including three in Southern Shore District, two in Beibei District, one in Jiangjin District, and two in Dazu County.

In addition, Chongqing has 21 boutique tourism spots. Construction will commence on two rural scenic areas in Jiangbei and Yongchuan area this year, both of which are scheduled to complete in 2010. According to local media, there is a theme park in Nanshan area of Chongqing to be completed by the end of next year; an international resort area in Jiulongpo area, and two tourism resort areas in Southern Shore District and Banan area will be opened in 2010.