Chinese Hotel Industry Issues Regulations For Emergency Response

To meet the demands of Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo, as well as the development of Chinese hotel industry, the China Tourist Hotels Association has recently issued a regulation for emergency response by the Chinese hotel industry.

The regulation established according to Emergency Response Law of the People's Republic of China and CNTA's Master Plan for Response to Tourism Emergencies is to enhance the Chinese hotel industry's emergency reaction ability to incidents at public tourism events. The draft drawn up by expert teams who were appointed by China Tourist Hotels Association on the basis of comprehensive investigation and research after nine months of soliciting advice from relevant governmental departments, research organs, industrial associations and tourism enterprises — including the Beijing Tourism Industry Association Hotels Branch, Guangdong Tourists and Hotels Association, InterContinental Hotels Group, Jianguo International Hotels Ltd., and New Century International Hotel Management Co. Ltd.

The emergency response regulation consists of three parts, twelve chapters, fourteen sections, and 103 items with a total of over 15,000 words. It represents four cases – urgent situation requirements, the relevance of hotels' specialties, professional business guidance, and harmonious human relations. It emphasized that if a potential emergency arises, all hotels should make rescuing their guests the first priority.