Presidential Hotel Aspirations In Southern China

For the hotel industry, southern China is a vast and diverse marketplace. From tropical Sanya with its resort hotels, through the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong with its long established and world renowned hotels, to Guangdong, China's manufacturing powerhouse, where new luxury hotels are opening almost every week and Xiamen on China's east coast; these hotels all have one thing in common — the desire to offer the ultimate in luxury and service through their presidential suites.

The layout of presidential suites gives hotel designers both challenges and opportunities. A major challenge is the diversity of guests who have just one thing in common — the very highest expectations of comfort and service.

Wealthy FITs; honeymooners being treated to the stay of a lifetime; heads of major corporations; celebrities ranging from Miss World to sporting super-stars; and heads of state: they all have differing requirements in terms of security, access, entertaining their guests, and the size of their entourage. Whereas an FIT may be just a single guest, a presidential party might include a considerable number of aides who are often VIPs in their own right. The suite layout has to be able to cater to the large entourage without tying-up unused room resources when the suite is occupied by a single individual or couple. In hotels in southern China, there are some outstanding examples of how this can be achieved. This also provides hotel designers with the opportunity to create something unique to that hotel and impress their own personality onto the design of the suite.

A little known aspect of hotel design is that some of the world's largest and best-known counter intelligence agencies are involved in interior design. More specifically, in the design of the ultimate in hotel luxury — presidential suites. A representative from the Peninsula Hong Kong explains, "The security aspects of The Peninsula Suite [the Pen's presidential suite] have been designed according to American CIA and British MI5 specifications for maximum security for presidential and top VIP visits, including direct access from the helipad to the suite and a security guard room in the hallway lift landing area."

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen calls its presidential suite the Crowne Suite, and its located on the 16th floor. Covering 105 square meters, it offers a master bedroom and guest room, private balconies, and a private golf range. General Manager David Markham says, "As the Presidential Suite in a Venetian themed hotel, its furniture and interior deco has a great touch in classic Italian culture. Like the Presidential Suites in other hotels, our Crowne Suite is equipped with full range of facilities and services. But the outdoor mini golf range really differentiates it from others.

VIPs that have stayed in the Crowne Suite include Mary McAleese, president of Ireland; Pianist Richard Clayderman; Jose Carreras, one of the three world famous tenors; and Qiong Yao; renowned Taiwanese writer.

Heading to Hainan province, the Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa simply names its top location the Presidential Suite. Covering 488 square meters, it has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a personal butler. The president of Sudan, premier of Australia, and other dignitaries have recently stayed in it luxurious surroundings.

Other hotels in China that boast stunning presidential suites include the Hyatt Regency Dongguan; Marco Polo Shenzhen; MGM Grand Macau; Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa; The Peninsula Hong Kong; Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou; Sheraton Sanya Resort; Sheraton Xiamen Hotel; and The Westin Guangzhou. All of these special hotels boast unique features that enable dignitaries to feel at home, and their entourage to feel secure.