Tianjin Star-grade Hotels Increase Rates For Olympics

According to local media, in addition to the official reception hotels for the Olympic Games, most other star-grade hotels in Tianjin have increased their rates for the Olympic period.

Compared to ordinary rates at the beginning of this year, room prices for actual deals at most of star-grade hotels around Tianjin went up by CNY200 to CNY400 with the maximum growth rate about 60%. For example, a discounted price per standard room per night (including breakfast) at the Crystal Palace Hotel was between CNY600 and CNY700 from the beginning of this year, while that for Olympic period was increased to CNY998; and that for Astor Hotel was up to CNY840 comparing the original CNY544. Meanwhile, room-booking volumes for the Olympic period also kept rising.

Differentiating from the star-grade hotels, most of Tianjin budget hotels such as outlets of Home Inns, Hanting Hotels, and Jinjiang Inn, retained the same rates. Although reservation volumes of these hotels continue to increase, rates are generally the same as before.