Occupancy Rate Of Five-star Hotels In Macau Reaches 76.4%

According to local media, this June the average occupancy rate of hotels in Macau was 73.3%, of these that for five-star hotels reached 76.4%, four-star hotels 75.5% and three-star hotels 70.4%.

Published data indicates that at the end of June, there were a total of 16,200 guest rooms in the Macau hotel market, 3,013 more than the same month of last year, representing a growth rate of 22.8%. In June 2008, the number of tourists to Macau who stayed at hotels for at least one night was 510,000, an increase of 25.1% from the same month of last year. The main source markets were mainland China and Hong Kong, accounting for 43.7% and 25.8%, respectively.

This June, the  average occupancy rate of hotels in Macau increased by 4.4% to 73.3% compared to the same period of 2007. In addition, for the first half of 2008, the total number of tourists staying in Macau hotels was 3,200,000, 19% higher than the same period last year; and the number of tourists who chose to stay in hotels accounted for 43.2% of total arrivals visiting to Macau, compared to 42.7% for the first half of 2007.