Three New Theme Hotels Coming Soon For OCT

OCT International Hotel Management Company is expanding with the launch of three theme hotels in China.

These include the Mahayana OCT Hotel, the Wind Valley O·City Hotel and the Waterfall OCT Hotel. These three hotels offer differing ways of relaxation and entertainment.

The Mahayana OCT Hotel will have 24 guestrooms, a vegetarian restaurant, a tea room, and rooms for reciting the sutra and meditation. The motorhome-themed Wind Valley O-City Hotel will have 200 guestrooms and 15 motorhomes, luxurious recreational vehicles with food and drink facilities. The waterfall- and wine-themed Waterfall OCT Hotel, will have 120 guestrooms, wine cellars and a space-themed restaurant.

The hotel company has not provided specific dates for the openings, but they should all be opened by the end of 2008.