Grand China Air Reopens Yinchuan-Tianjin Route

News from Yinchuan Hedong Airport is that Grand China Air Company Limited has reopened the Tianjin-Taiyuan-Yinchuan route.

With this additional service, travelers from Yinchuan can easily access Tianjin, which is one of Olympic cities.

The company opened the route from Yinchuan to Tianjin in 2007 and suspended it because of capacity adjustments. The new service is operated using D38 aircraft. The flight starts from Tianjin at 07:30 everyday, stopping at Taiyuan at 08:55, and arrives at Yinchuan at 11:10; the return flight departs from Yinchuan at 11:30, stopping at Taiyuan at 12:30, and arrives at Tianjin at 14:05.