Beijing Hotel Rates Decrease After Olympics

Following the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the rates of some hotels in Beijing have begun to decrease.

According to, before August 26, most of the four- and five-star hotels in Beijing maintained the rates set for the Olympics. After August 26, some of these hotels decreased their rates to one-third or one-fourth from the original ones, while that for hotels at below the three-star level showed a slight decline because they already went down to some degree during the Olympics.

Reservation rates information from indicated that one five-star hotel in Beijing launched a standard room pricing of about CNY3,000 per room per night on August 23, but the rate was down to about CNY600 for August 27.

The published data showed that with the rates at some of Beijing hotels decreasing, the number of tourists visiting to Beijing is expected to increase. However many tourists and business people are still complaining that visas are difficult to acquire in Chinese embassies and consulates around the world.