Sichuan Tourism Bureau Promotes Sichuan Tour Product

To revive the post-quake tourism markets and brands in Sichuan, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau has reached an agreement for strategic cooperation with and Sichuan Airlines to promote Sichuan tour products.

Supported by the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, will develop and extend the Sichuan tour products by taking advantage of the tourism resources of destinations around the province. The company will also integrate information on air tickets, hotel rooms, and attractions to launch a series of itineraries and products on Sichuan tour for travelers.

Yang Tao, senior vice president of, said that the prices of their Sichuan tour products are 10-30% lower than normal prices in the market.

Thanks to this cooperation, customers can book Sichuan tours from 11 departure locations of including Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou on