Corporate Travel Planning In China With Style In Mind

Iwa Liu is the office administrator from the Guangzhou Branch of Rohde & Schwarz China Ltd. She is responsible for administrative affairs both inside and outside the company and overseas the company's corporate travel and meeting planning.

What are the standards for your company when selecting hotels, MICE venues and business dinner destinations?
Location, star rating, price and comfort.

Which hotels do you use for MICE events? Which hotels impress you most and why?
We usually hold our MICE events in Tianlun International Hotel in Guangzhou. We hold our MICE events and training there every year. Ascott Guangzhou left me with the deepest impression. Its decoration is fantastic — fashionable, bright and practical. Its location is good as well and it has an independent community environment, which make it a good choice.

What are the main factors you concentrate on when selecting a place for your company to hold a large MICE event?
The location and the environment. The first thing to consider is the distance between the venue and our company, because our customers may be from different areas. The venue should be tidy, comfortable, fully equipped and with thoughtful services, which can match up with its star level and price.

Which aspects do you think should be improved in products and services of hotels in China and what would you like to say to hotel general managers and sales directors?
There are more and more hotels and more and more large brands in China. If a hotel wants to retain its customers, it should have its own unique style. The hotel should have a clear positioning no matter in room decoration, customer orientation or market orientation. Only in this way can it gains its own place in the fierce competition. In addition, the hotel should have professional services that can match up with its own brand.

What do you think about our bilingual magazine and website products? Which section is your favorite?
The reader orientation is clear. It provides up to date information to hotel bookers. I like the promotion section the best. It is fresh and has concentrated information.

Which information channels do you use when choosing hotel or MICE site?
The reputation of the hotels and the feedback of my colleagues.