Tianjin Tanggu Gives Bonus To Qualified Five-star Hotel Enterprises

The Economic and Trade Commission of Tanggu District, Tianjin, has issued interim measures for supporting the development of the five-star hotel sector in Tanggu — hotel enterprises that earn five-star qualifications will be given bonuses of CNY5 million or CNY10 million.

The measures stipulate that if hotel enterprises that have registered and are operating in the Tanggu district meet the requirements and standards of Tanggu's bonus policies and are awarded an official plaque and certification of five-star hotel qualifications, they will be given bonuses of CNY5 million or CNY10 million according to the size of their total investments.

Hotel enterprises with a total investment at and below CNY1 billion can get a CNY5 million bonus; those above CNY1 billion will get a CNY10 million bonus.