Shanghai Sets Tourism Industry's Goal For World Expo

Shanghai unveiled the tourism industry's action plan on the occasion of the 600-day countdown to the opening of the 2010 World Expo.

According to the plan, Shanghai aims to achieve a total tourism revenue of CNY310 billion by 2010. Of these its tourist foreign exchange income is to reach USD8 billion with an average expenditure of USD1,000 per inbound tourist who stays in Shanghai for at least one night, while domestic tourist revenue is to achieve CNY245 billion. The number of international tourists who stay in the city for at least one night is to reach eight million, while that from domestic market is to reach 120 million. And the tourism sector is to account for 9% of the gross domestic product of the city.

To prepare for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the local government will implement a boutique tour products strategy for the World Expo; to integrate the urban tourism resources to build the tour brand of World Expo; to improve the credibility of the tourism system; and to build a tourism information system.

Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administrative Commission will hold a series of activities including the tourism and food festival, the tourism forum, and a tour promotion meeting.