Nanjing Cancels 11 Hotels' Qualifications

According to Nanjing municipal government, the Star-Grade Hotel Assessment Committee of Nanjing has issued a notice that says 11 hotels in the city have had their qualifications revoked.

Of these, because of being closed, suspended, merged and transferred, nine two-star hotels lost their qualifications. These are the Nanjing Hongshan Hotel; the Nanjing Great Wall Hotel; the Honghe Hotel; the Nandiyuan Hotel; the Nanjing Hongfeng Hotel; the Xindu Hotel; the Youyou Hotel; the Cijincheng Hotel; and the Qinhuaihe Hotel. The three-star Dianli Hotel also had its qualification revoked.

In addition, the Nanjing Haoguanjia Hotel had not completed the rectification within a time limit as required for its old hardware facilities and equipment, and poor environmental sanitation and service levels, as a result it lost its two-star qualification.