Changsha Welcomes Three New Five-star Standard Hotels

News from the recent Changsha Investment Promotion Meeting of New High-end Service Industry is that contracts have been signed for the construction of three new five-star standard hotels in the Kaifu District of Changsha.

The Empark Grand Hotel, Changsha invested in by the Century Golden Resources Group is located on the north section of the Xiangjiang River. The project covers a construction area of more than 300,000 square meters and includes a deluxe five-star standard hotel and a large mall.

The Changsha Huayuan Hotel project is located at the northeast conjunction of Fuyuan Road and North Furong Road, and has obtained an investment of CNY150 million from the Pearl River Enterprise Group. This 16-story hotel covers a construction area of about 20,000 square meters.

The Beichen Hotel project is located at the Xinhe Delta area, and a also a modern 1.2-kilometer shopping street will be built there.

In addition, this promotion meeting also launched two hotel projects including a business hotel in the Bonded Logistics Center and the Tiandu International Hotel.