The Bahamas: Emerging MICE Destination For China

Vincent Vanderpool Wallace, the Bahamanian minister of tourism and aviation, has visited Beijing to introduce the Bahamas to Chinese tourists.

Vincent said that the Bahamas attaches great importance to the Chinese market, and from this August, Chinese citizens have been able to apply for directly for visas at the Embassy of The Bahamas in Beijing and obtain approval within one week, making the visa application process simpler and helping the Bahamas to promote tours in China. Next, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism will cooperate with trade partners in the Chinese tourism industry, developing tour products targeting Chinese tourists.

Vincent introduced the Bahamas as not only a resort for leisure tourists, but it is also an ideal destination for MICE events. For example, in Bahamian cities such as Nassau, there are facilities suitable for holding meetings and exhibitions. In addition, there are also unique local cultures and activities, including boat tours, fishing, diving, golf, and tennis, which are suitable for MICE guests to experience after work.

At present, there is no nonstop route between China and the Bahamas, and Chinese tourists need to transfer in London, New York, Toronto, or Vancouver to fly to the Bahamas. Therefore, the Bahamas is targeting the Chinese business tourists who travel to the United States and Canada.