HNA Group Invests In New Civil Airport Project In Yingkou

The HNA Group, China Minmetals Corporation, and the Yingkou government have signed a strategic cooperation frame agreement to construct a civil airport in Yingkou, Liaoning.

According to the agreement, the project will be built to the 4C level, and the first-phase plan is to meet the requirements of handling 150,000 to 300,000 passengers per year, with the medium-term plan of 500,000 to one million passengers, and three to five million passengers for long-term plan. The airport has a planned investment of CNY450 million. The three parties will also set up a joint venture, the Yingkou Airport Company, with the aim of building Yingkou airport into one of major regional airports in the Bohai Rim area.

The agreement also says that the Yingkou government will support China Minmetals Corporation and HNA Group to carry out cooperation in aspects of aviation, airports, finance, logistics, ports, tourism, hotels, real estate, and business; and the two groups will develop the properties through acquisition, merger and newly building.

At present, HNA Group has 12 member airports in China, and it will enlarge the investment in airport projects, focusing on the second- and three-tier cities.