Shanxi To Refund Travel Quality Deposits To Over 600 Travel Agencies

According to an order from the China National Tourism Administration, the Shanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau begun to refund travel quality deposits to local travel agencies.

Shanxi has more than 600 travel agencies that meet the conditions to have their travel quality deposits refunded. The refunding of travel quality deposits is expected to be completed by January 31 2009.

The Shanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau will temporarily refund 50% to 70% of the travel quality deposits to those travel agencies that have paid the whole amount of travel quality deposits and have received their business licenses. The travel agencies could use this fund for two years.

Different categories of travel agencies will be refunded different percentages of the travel quality deposits: 50% for domestic travel agencies, 60% for international travel agencies for inbound tours business, and 70% for international travel agencies for outbound tours.