Tourism New Zealand Launches Semi-FIT Tours To New Zealand In Beijing

Tourism New Zealand has announced that it will launch the semi-FIT itinerary from China to New Zealand in Beijing together with Air New Zealand and four local travel agencies.

In September 2008, Tourism New Zealand launched the first semi-FIT itinerary from China to New Zealand in Shanghai.

Residents from the Beijing area can apply to Immigration New Zealand for an individual tourism visa through the four designated travel agencies in Beijing, and enjoy a simplified application process that reduces visa processing time to five working days. Travelers who decided to participate in the program can design their own itineraries to New Zealand and then the four travel agencies are committed to arrange the journey and visa applications.

Mark Frood, regional manager north Asia of Tourism New Zealand, said that Beijing is the second city that Tourism New Zealand has launched the semi-FIT itinerary. Next, it is to promote this brand around China. Travelers can choose to be accompanied by tour guides, or to rent cars to travel around New Zealand according to their own designed itineraries.

The four Beijing travel agencies are China Travel Service Head Office, China Youth Travel Service, China Travel International Limited, and China Merchants International Travel Company.