Huatian Hotel Adds Three Budget Hotels In China

Huatian Hotel has announced that its subsidiary holding company Huatian Inn Hotel Management Company has added three new budget hotels to its portfolio.

The new hotels in Yiyang, Yueyang, and Wuhan add to the total of 20 budget hotels in its existing portfolio. Of these, 16 are already open.

Of the three new properties, Huatian Inn Yiyang Xiufenghu is located on the West Taohualun Road, Heshan district, Yiyang, close to the South Bus Station. The Huatian Inn Yueyang Dongmaoling is located at the Dongmaoling Road, Yueyang, near the municipal office and business facilities. And the Huatian Inn Wuhan Hongfa — to be opened in May 2009 — is located at the South Luoshi Road, Wuchang district, a five-minute drive from the railway station.

In addition, Huatian Inn also signed a management agreement with Qinghai Hotel. This 20-story business hotel is located at the center of Xining, and has 437 rooms and suites.