Ctrip.com Offers Free Business Trip Evaluation Service

Ctrip.com has announced that it will provide free business trip evaluation services to 200 companies to help them explore ways of saving costs.

A staff member of Ctrip.com has disclosed to local media that Ctrip.com launched this free service in February 2009 and some companies have already contacted Ctrip.com about the service which is intended to help companies discover how to reduce the cost of business travel.

Zhuang Yuxiang, vice president of Ctrip's business travel management department, said that the global financial crisis has provided an opportunity to promote business trip management. In recent months, there are more demands for cost control. Through the free business trip evaluation service, companies can evaluate how they can reduce the costs business trips.

It is understood that Ctrip's free business trip evaluation will last until May 31, 2009.

Ctrip.com is said to be one of the fastest growing business trip management companies and says that it has had more than 300 major company clients for the service, including Panasonic, Sony, and Ericsson.