Shandong Travel Companies Issue Discount Coupons

News from Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau is that airline companies and travel service providers in Shandong are joining forces to issue travel discount coupons and domestic air ticket coupons with a total value of CNY10 million in the hope of mitigating the effect of the global financial crisis on their tourism industry.

It is learned that from March 20 to April 30, 2009, Jinan International Airport Company, China Eastern Shandong Branch, and Shandong Air International Travel Service will jointly issue CNY10 million consumption coupons free of charge to the public. Each set of coupons is worth CNY100, and comprises a travel coupon worth CNY80 and a domestic air ticket coupon worth CNY20. This is understood to be the first time that air and travel service providers have cooperated to issue discount coupons in Shandong province.

These coupons are known to be a second preferential policy offered by air service providers as tourists can use them when they enjoy other discounts offered by the companies. However, each set of coupons is available to only one consumer and the coupons can only be used for travel products offered by SAITS.