Dongguan Plans To Build Tour Dispatch Hub

According to Jiang Xiaoying, director of Dongguan Tourism Bureau, Dongguan will build a tour dispatch hub to attract tourists from the Pearl River Delta region, and the world at large, to come and visit the city.

Yu Jianmin, deputy director of DTB, told the media that as a city with scant tourism resource, Dongguan would set up the hub step by step instead of investing a huge amount at a time. Yu said that the first step they would take is to build a travel information center, which will probably be done in April and the second step is to offer a range of travel routes and dispatch regular shuttle buses every day not only for people out of Dongguan to visit the city but also for Dongguan residents to tour the region and Guangdong province.

A tour dispatch hub is a platform for selling tourism. By dispatching regular buses, it facilitates tourists' outings. Traditionally, such hubs only provided travel service for local residents.